Reza Soroush is an award-winning product designer with an MSc. in Engineering from Kingston University London and an honours BSc. in Product Design from the Dublin Institute of Technology.

As a young child, he found himself fascinated with cars and automotive design. This interest grew into his eventual passion for product design. Reza defines design as the language of creation and the power to take any idea and turn it into reality.

Raised in the bustling city of Tehran, and living his adult years in Dublin and London, Reza has developed a unique perspective on design. He admires the design work of Dieter Rams and uses Rams' ten principles of good design as a guideline. Reza believes that a new product should not only be stylish and innovative but also functional. When designed with these ideals in mind, a product will connect with the user. This connection can be achieved through simplicity of form and honesty of design. "There is a beauty in simplicity that everyone can recognize".